Corporate Identity

Social Responsibility

Successful companies achieve success not only with their products and services, but also with their contribution to society. While continuing our commercial activities, we have to be fully compliant with the law, moral standards and human rights, and to minimize the damage our activities can cause to the environment all over the world.


Our social responsibility allows us to have happier employees, happier and satisfied customers, by meeting the expectations of our employees and by showing interest in their problems. In this framework, we voluntarily fulfill our responsibilities for a better society and a better environment.


We are sensitive about the production of recycled products in order to minimize the damage of paper consumption, which is used as the main ingredient in our industry, to the trees in nature. We are in an effort to instill in our society that paper waste is not a waste and is a recyclable raw material.


On this occasion, we always develop ourselves and our customers with the awareness of leaving a more livable world for our children, who are the guarantee of our future....

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