Corporate Identity

Our Values

Employee Satisfaction

Our most important value is our human resources. Meeting the expectations and needs of our employees is a priority.


Customer Happiness

It is essential to meet the expectations of the customers. Our customers are the reason for the existence and continuity of our business. Our community prioritizes meeting the expectations of customers while planning their activities and resources.



Our community adopts the principle of being honest, open and reliable in all its practices and in fulfilling social responsibilities.


Openness to Development and Innovation

We aim to achieve the best. We encourage the highest level of use of information and technology, team work, education and professional development according to changes and developments in the market.


Constructive Cooperation

We endeavor to establish open and constructive relationships in order to meet the expectations of all individuals and institutions related to our business. We develop the spirit of cooperation on the basis of mutual responsibility, respect, positive approach and dialogue.


Existing in the Long Term

kutucu NAME; to live in the international arena as a respected, permanent and known value.

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