Corporate Identity

Our Quality Policy


To determine a quality policy understandable by all employees in our company.



It is valid for all services and products offered by our company.



The top management of our company is responsible for the preparation of the Quality Policy. It is everyone's duty to work in line with the established quality policy.



The following steps are followed during the determination of our company's quality policy by top management in our company:


Future visions of our business are being prepared. The vision states that our businesses will reach the future. The vision of our business was conveyed to the staff at the meetings and understood by everyone.


Our company has a written mission covering market, customer and employee relations. The policies and strategies of each department are developed in accordance with the policy and strategy of the business.


When determining the quality policy, measurable targets are determined to reflect customer needs.


Values that emphasize the responsibilities of business employees regarding quality, customer satisfaction, teamwork and business ethics are determined by senior management and turned into written instructions.


It is an indispensable policy of our business to provide quality and customer-friendly products and services in our business, to improve the quality level by adapting to the standards determined by top management.



By developing mutual trust, respect, love understanding and communication among employees, we will eliminate fears and create a peaceful work environment.


We will serve better by believing that the satisfaction of our guests will be the satisfaction of our employees' future.


Based on customer satisfaction and needs, we will approach the problems in the fastest and most efficient way with a team spirit and disciplined and relevant.


We will adopt as a principle to provide quality service that has no limits in service, is friendly, planned and has the highest level of standards.


It is that we will be behind our promises, we will fulfill our duties with minimum errors, we will be open to innovations and we will ensure the continuation of the quality assurance system established in our company.

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