OFSETSAN was established in 2011 to serve in the packaging sector, which is one of the most important needs of our age, and in order to meet the needs of customers at the best level, it performs packaging production services based on maximum efficiency in the light of the latest technological developments in the light of the latest technological developments.


OFSETSAN's product and service range, "Cardboard Boxes, Corrugated Boxes, Plastered Boxes, Cardboard Bags, Paper Bags, Kraft Bags, Optical Bags, Pita Boxes, Baklava Boxes, Cake Boxes, Lahmacun Boxes, Pizza Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Product Boxes and Industrial Boxes.


OFSETSAN is in an effort to advance its existing product and service range by preparing economical, stylish and quality products that can respond to the needs of customers quickly within the scope of its R&D studies in the sector.


As a company founded on solid foundations, OFSETSAN has achieved a fast and successful distance in a short time. OFSETSAN has an international customer network by actively marketing its products in Europe, America, Central Asia, Africa and Far East countries.


Aiming to grow without sacrificing the principles of quality and reliability, OFSETSAN continues to exist as a pioneering company in the sector by increasing the capacity of satisfied customers in the sector with the vision of providing its customers with the quality and service they desire, with an affordable price advantage.

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